SVS Curricular Materials: Image of DVDs and workbooks

Delivered in binders each semester, the SVS Spanish program provides partnering schools with the comprehensive instructional content on DVD's, along with the correlating SVS Lesson Plans. In addition, schools are required to adopt the text series that is integrated into the SVS instruction.

Adopted Textbook Series

The SVS program uses the newest and most-widely used textbook series available. Realidades ©2011 Level 1 is a highly praised and effective standards-based series that seamlessly integrates communication, grammar, and culture. By combining the instruction of the SVS certified Spanish teacher (in the new 2011 video lessons) with this new text series your school will have the most complete and effective learning environment that makes Spanish real for today's student.

Schools only need the Level 1 materials for BOTH Spanish I and Spanish II courses. Understanding the commitment to adopting a new text series, once your school has the required Realidades ©2011 curricular materials, you will only need to annually replace the two student workbooks, the only consumable item. Investing in the Realidades ©2011 text series will support your school for years to come, even if you're not partnering with SVS High School Spanish to deliver your foreign language program.

Timely Ordering is Critical

Curricular materials are ordered directly from the publisher. An order form with the details (ISBN #'s) for ordering, including the publishers contact information, is available on the Curricular Materials order form.

It is crucial that all required materials are ordered, and received prior to the first day of class. As a cost-saving measure, we recommend ordering a classroom set of the textbooks (based on your largest class size).

Photo of Spanish textbooks
Spanish I materials:
Realidades ©2011 Level 1
Student Edition Textbook
Vocabulary & Grammar Workbook
Communication & Test Prep Workbook
Teacher's Edition Textbook
Teacher's Resource/Keys (PE-4)
Teacher's Resource/Keys (5-9)
Audio Programs on CD's*
Video Programs*

Spanish II Materials

Continue using Realidades Level 1. May need to order workbooks.

*The Realidades Audio and Video programs are tied to activities conducted on days when students are not watching the SVS video lesson instruction. These programs complement the SVS instructional content, just like a regular Spanish teacher would show contemporary native Spanish-speakers from around the world relating to peer references on topics covered in the units. Students will hear and see native speakers, and be introduced to culture in ways that are unique to the curricular series, and can't be provided any other way.

Please Note:

SVS policies

SVS High School Spanish DVD

Can my school keep the DVDs?
The binders of DVD video lessons are the property of the Kansas State University Global Campus and are to be returned at the end of the school year. If DVDs are not returned, schools will be invoiced a $500 media replacement fee.

Can I copy the DVDs?
The instructional content of the video lessons is protected by copyright and may not be duplicated.

When should my school be ready?
Participating schools must be ready by their first day of school, with all essential equipment in place and operable. Schools that do not acquire all the necessary curricular materials and equipment by this date, delay the overall success of the SVS program.

What if I need to cancel the course?
Participating schools have the right to cancel SVS Spanish courses. Schools will be responsible for full tuition if participation is cancelled after the final drop/add deadline.

Can I drop or add students?
Participating schools may drop or add students in the Spanish course until the mid-September deadline. SVS must be notified of any enrollment changes by that date. If a student drops after the deadline, the school will be responsible for the full tuition fee invoiced. Spanish I and II are full-year courses. Students cannot be added during the middle of the school year, with the exception of a transfer student who was enrolled in Spanish at his or her previous school. If a school wishes to add a student after the mid-September deadline, permission must be received from SVS. There will be an additional charge for any students added after the billing date.

The Kansas State University Global Campus will process invoices in mid-September, according to the number of students enrolled and verified in each course. Please do not send payment before being invoiced. Refund for an overpayment may take time to process. The billing procedure is as follows:

Schools provide SVS with tentative class enrollment.

Schools verify official class enrollment. All drops and adds must be made by the established deadline.

SVS invoices participating schools based on final class roster.